About Tea & Dessert

Every nation has its own representative food culture. The purpose of Formosa Tea & Dessert Co., Ltd. is to promote Taiwan's distinctive agricultural products and specially focus on the munchies field.

Leisure food is an integral part of the entertainment break time (watching movies / watching TV, etc.) also a good company with many occasions. Brew a pot of tea with snacks is kind of eastern traditional casual diet. Thus Tea and Desserts are two of our main products line.

Oolong tea is the ancestor of Taiwanese tea and also known as Taiwan's most famous tea. Unique weather environment and the production technique making oolong tea enjoy the reputation of Taiwanese champagne.

Sugar cane was one of Taiwan's most important economic crops in the early nineteenth century. Brown sugar is extracted from the sugar cane and retains a variety of nutrients and minerals. It can be used as baking raw materials and also has several effects such as relieving women's menstrual pain、preventing of heat stroke and dispelling cold.

Taiwan is located in subtropical and tropical areas, mild climate, abundant rainfall create the great climate condition that is suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetable cultivation. By using special vacuum drying and hot air drying technology keep the original flavor and nutrition of vegetables and fruits make our chips series products crisp and sweet taste with diverse flavors.

Uphold the concept of promoting Taiwan snacks to the world, we continue to enrich the product line and invite whom with interests together to promote.

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